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Friday, January 26, 2007

Dollar Soft Despite Upbeat Data

The dollar was smooth although the data were absolutely upbeat today. The market can more hour and demonstrates to calculate outside towards the direction for the dollar. E.E.U.U. CPI rose the 0,5% last months, and base CPI increased 0,2% according to the awaited thing. The new homemade sales rose in an annual index of 1,642 million December, on the estimation of 1,59 million. The building permissions increased from 1,506 million to 1,596 million, the greatest growth of four years. The weekly unemployed demands fell to 290k, improve that the prognosis of 310k. Also, the index of the Fed de Philadelphia rose unexpected to 8,3 of January, investing 4,3 negatives that read in previous month. President Ben Bernanke of the Fed testified today before the budgetary committee of the Senate today.

It did not discuss to the economic perspective or the monetary policy. President Pianalto I have of Cleveland of the Fed this continues being there a risk that the underlying tendency of the inflation will not improve, and the central bank will need to take actions accommodative in this case. GBPUSD finds resistance of the temporary one in 1.9750, moved backwards for 1,9770, and 1.98. The subsequent ceilings will emerge in 1.9830, followed by 1,9850 and 1.9880. By the disadvantage, the aid begins in 1.9720, followed before 1,97 and 1.9670. The additional floors eyed in 1.9650, moved backwards by 1,9620 and 1.96. EURUSD will face resistance of the temporary one in 1.2970, followed before 1,30 and 1.3030. The additional ceilings will emerge in 1.3050, moved backwards by 1.3070. The aid begins 1,2930, moved backwards before 1,29, 1,2870 and 1.2850. The subsequent floors eyed in 1.28.


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